With the rollout of Microsoft/Office 365, the University is moving to OneDrive as the preferred cloud storage solution. You can find information about OneDrive here:

Using OneDrive
OneDrive for University staff

SyncDrive is a feature of the Syncplicity desktop client that allows you to access your Syncplicity Sync & Share content without having to download your files to your desktop.

Syncplicity—About SyncDrive for Windows
Syncplicity—About SyncDrive for Mac

ITS recommend that you avoid using SyncDrive if possible, particularly if you share your folders. It can cause a number of issues, for example:

  • When you convert a folder to a SyncDrive it is converted for all the people you have shared it with
  • Changing a folder to a SyncDrive can cause unsynced changes to be lost
  • Depending on each user’s policy the folder might be removed from the participant or may be left behind, potentially causing confusion and unsynchronised changes
  • If your shared folder participants have a client that doesn’t support SyncDrive or have disabled SyncDrive, the folder won’t be available to them


You can disable the installation of SyncDrive when you download a new version of the Syncplicity Sync & Share desktop client.

  1. Download the Syncplicity client for Windows.
  2. Search Windows for “Run” to get a command line window.
  3. Type “<file path>\Syncplicity_Setup.exe SYNCPDRIVE=0”

This will run the installation of the Syncplicity client without installing SyncDrive.


SyncDrive can’t be disabled when installing the Syncplicity client on a Mac. Syncplicity suggest installing an older Mac client with no SyncDrive feature, for example Syncplicity

Last updated 02/11/2021 10.40 AM

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