As a postgraduate student, you can request a "postgrad" email address. A postgrad email address is usually of the form You send and receive emails from this new address, but you won't miss out on email sent to your original @student address, as it will arrive in your inbox along with your @postgrad email.

Postgraduate email addresses are an "alias" to your student email address. Although your email address looks different, you still log in to StudentMail using your usual student username and password to check and send your email. Neither your student username or password will change. However you will only be able to send or reply using your postgraduate address, not your old student email address.

You are not required to have a postgraduate email address; you can keep using your student one if you wish.

Requesting a postgraduate email address

Please complete the application form if you would like an email address alias. You will be prompted to log in with your University username and password which will populate the form with your contact details. Make sure that you have Flash enabled in your web browser.

Email Address—Postgraduate Student application form [please note that the form is only visible if you are enrolled as a postgraduate student when you sign in]

Services affected by using a postgraduate email address

Your access to most student IT services should be unaffected when you start using a postgraduate email address because your student username remains the same. Continue to use your student username to log in as you usually do.

Microsoft 365

You can still install the University-provided Microsoft 365 software on your computer but use your @student email address (not your new @postgrad email address) to authenticate i.e. in the form

Installing Microsoft 365

Email apps

You can still use an app to get your StudentMail on your mobile device, but you will need to use your @student email address (not your new @postgrad email address) to authenticate i.e. in the form

Postgraduate email addresses and Syncplicity

If you request access to the Syncplicity service, you will automatically receive a postgraduate email address. Use this email address to log into Syncplicity, not your student credentials or your @student email address.

Applying for Syncplicity

If you have any questions about using your postgraduate email address please contact AskStudent IT. You can speak to an AskStudent IT Representative in person at the AskOtago Central Hub on the Dunedin campus, or:

Tel +64 3 479 5170
message on Facebook

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