You are considered a visiting student if you are a student normally enrolled at another institution, and you are visiting Otago to carry out academic or other unpaid work related to your studies, and you are not concurrently enrolled in any Otago paper or programme.

To visit the University of Otago for your studies or research you will first need to contact the department you want to visit. You will need the department’s agreement to host you while you are visiting the Otago campus.

The University of Otago has a "duty of care" obligation to visiting students from other institutions. This is defined in our Visiting students policy (see link below), and there are also terms and conditions that you will need to abide by during your visit. In order to meet our obligations, we need to know about and approve each visit before you arrive. This includes collecting information so we can provide you with resources (e.g. Wi-Fi access) during your visit and support in case of an emergency.

Once you have obtained departmental agreement, you will need to complete the online application on the Visiting students website:

Visiting student application

As a visiting student you must agree to the University's terms and conditions:

Terms and conditions for students visiting the University of Otago

Visiting students policy

The University of Otago accepts no liability for providing, nor responsibility for organising, accommodation, transport, or any other travel arrangements (including visas) for visiting students.

Visa requirements

As a visiting student at Otago, you will need to apply for a suitable visa if applicable. The New Zealand Immigration website has further information about the requirements:

New Zealand Immigration—Apply for a visa


As a visiting student at Otago, you are responsible for making your own accommodation arrangements.

The Student accommodation website may help you find information:

Student accommodation

Travel Insurance

As a visiting student at Otago, you are responsible for your own travel insurance. The University of Otago strongly recommends that you take out travel insurance before you leave home.

Student ID

Having a student ID card is not a requirement for visiting students at Otago, but you may wish to speak to your department contact person about whether or not you should have one.

Application Information

  • If you haven't received a confirmation email after submitting your visiting student application, you will need to reapply.
  • If the duration of your visit needs to be changed while you are at Otago, contact your University department contact person.
  • If you discover that the information in your visiting student application is now incorrect, email the Visiting Student Administrators explaining the problem and including the information you need to change:

Further information

Visiting students access to resources

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