There are no subject requirements for entry into Health Sciences First Year (HSFY). However, we strongly recommend you take Chemistry and Physics to NCEA Level 3 (or equivalent) and, if possible, Biology, Statistics, and English or an English language-rich subject (e.g. History, Geography or Classical Studies) to NCEA Level 3 (or equivalent).

If you haven't taken Chemistry, Physics, and/or Biology, there are courses you can take to upskill before starting HSFY.

Preparing to study Health Sciences First Year

Health Science First Year should be your first year of study at university. If you have undertaken university study while at high school you will need to apply for a dispensation.

A dispensation may be granted if an application for enrolment to HSFY is made by someone who has prior university study, but only if:

  • The student has not studied any degree level university paper or papers that include any subject that is the same, similar to, or contains, significant portions of any of the prescribed HSFY papers, and

  • The student's previous degree level study does not total more than one year of equivalent full-time study

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