AskStudent IT help to look after a range of study spaces, which are available for you to use all year round. Dedicated computer labs and computer areas in libraries provide wireless access, colour printing and scanning, and computers running the Student Desktop.

Dunedin campus study spaces

Student computer study spaces are found throughout the Dunedin campus, and the computers run the same Student Desktop that you can use on your own computer. You can log in to the Student Desktop using your student username and password:

Accessing Student Desktop

24-hour computer labs

Student computer study spaces by campus area

Access hours

Computer resource areas are available during the same hours as their building unless noted as 24-hour (access via student ID card).

Web-based timetable viewer (use the filter to search for the room code)

Other computer areas

eStops provide a place to easily print off your lecture notes before class:

  • Castle eStop (Castle Building)
  • Plaza eStop (University Plaza)
  • Psychology eStop (first floor, William James Building)
  • Robertson eStop (Robertson Library)
  • St David eStop (St David Lecture Theatre Complex)

If you just need a place to use your laptop to print or access the internet, check out the Marsh Centre or any of the quiet spaces in the libraries:

Marsh Study Centre
Library locations

Windows or macOS

Most of the student computer areas only have Windows/PC computers.

Some labs (Hunter CAL and TG05) have macOS computers that also can use the Windows Student Desktop.

Computer lab environment

AskStudent IT strive to provide all students with great areas to study in, however sometimes there can be issues:

  • Carpet worn or torn?
  • Lab too hot or cold?
  • Lab unclean, or equipment dirty?
  • Light bulb flickering or out?
  • Other students being noisy, unruly, or damaging equipment?
  • Printer out of paper, toner, or staples?

If you notice any problems please contact AskStudent IT in person at the AskOtago Central Hub, Dunedin campus, or:

Tel +64 3 479 5170
Message on Facebook

Further information

Computer study spaces outside the Dunedin campus

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