The full header is located at the top of an email and contains information about the path an email took as it crossed mail servers, so is used by ITS for tracking and troubleshooting.

Outlook (online)

  1. Log in to Outlook online:
  2. Click the ellipsis (three dots) link at the top of the message (next to the Forward link).
  3. Select View from the drop-down menu, then View message details. This will bring up a window containing the full header information.
  4. Click in the window and select all the text, then copy it to your clipboard (Ctrl-C in Windows or Cmd-C in Mac OS). Click on the Forward link, then paste (Ctrl-V in Windows or Cmd-V in Mac OS) the header information at the top of the forwarded email.
  5. Send the forwarded message to

Outlook (desktop version)

  1. Create a new message to
  2. Drag and drop the email you want to report from your Inbox into the new message window. It will appear as an attachment to the email message.
  3. Send the new message.

macOS Mail

  1. Click on the message to select it.
  2. Click on Message in the menu bar, and select Forward as Attachment from the drop-down menu.
  3. Send the new message to

Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. Select the email.
  2. Choose Message > Forward as Attachment from the toolbar.
  3. Send the message to
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