You can find the Calendar icon on the left-hand menu bar of your StudentMail screen after you log in. Click on it to open it.

Screenshot of calendar icon at left of StudentMail window

Adding reminders and meetings

To enter a new appointment or reminder into your StudentMail calendar:

  1. Click New event in the top left corner of your Calendar screen.
  2. Enter the name, location, start and end date/time.
  3. If you wish to organise a meeting, enter the recipient email address(es) into Invite attendees. This will send a request for people to reply to.
  4. A reminder is set for 15 minutes prior by default, but can be changed to None or up to two weeks before the appointment.
  5. Click the Save button (top left).

To delete an appointment, right-click on the appointment in your calendar and select Delete.

Screenshot of appointment window in StudentMail

Sharing your StudentMail calendar

To share your StudentMail calendar with others:

  1. Right-click My Calendar in the left-hand panel and select Sharing and Permissions from the displayed menu.
  2. Enter the email address of the person you wish to share with. To enter more than one email address, separate addresses with a ; and a space. (e.g.;
  3. Click Share. An email with a link to your calendar will be sent to the recipients.

To remove or edit someone's access to your StudentMail calendar, follow steps 1 and 2 above, but amend the access to the listed people as required.

If you share your calendar with an address you can give the recipient edit access to your calendar. addresses will have view-only access to your calendar.

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