When you become an employee of the University of Otago you are automatically provided with your own staff email address. Your department will give you the details of your staff email account when you start work. If your department doesn't have an email address for you, contact AskOtago:

Freephone 0800 80 80 98 (within New Zealand)
Tel +64 3 479 7000
Email askotago.it@otago.ac.nz

If you are not a staff member but have an affiliation to the University (for example a sabbatical visitor, clinical lecturer, contractor, etc.) you may be eligible to apply for a University email address. See the StaffMail Service application form for more information:

Email Address—StaffMail Service form

If you need to request a change to your staff email address, or if you need to cancel a staff email address, please contact AskOtago.

If a staff email account has only been disabled, it may be possible to reactivate it. Contact AskOtago if you would like to reactivate an old staff email account.

Last updated 21/10/2021 09.29 AM

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