The unique collegiate life at Otago is an important part of the experience for many students leaving home for the first time. Staying in a residential college in your first year of university study is an opportunity to meet like-minded people and discover life-long friendships.

All 14 Otago residential colleges are located within a short distance of the University and offer quality, safe, and supervised living. The colleges work hard to develop their residents as scholars and good community members.

Official University of Otago residential colleges

The main services offered at all colleges include:

  • Fully heated rooms
  • Laundry facilities
  • Three meals a day, seven days a week
  • Tutorials and study spaces
  • Wireless access

Some of the colleges offer options such as halal meals or alcohol-free areas, and most have single-sex areas.

New students are supported by experienced live-in college leaders and professional staff, and by senior students who are there to guide and mentor them.

The colleges have a range of recreational facilities, ranging from games and fitness areas to gyms or cardio rooms. They also offer a full and exciting calendar of cultural and sporting events throughout the year, including inter-college competitions for summer and winter sports, and cultural activities.

Student accommodation FAQs

Options for students with disabilities

The University of Otago is committed to assisting students with disabilities. The residential colleges provide a range of provisions for students with disabilities. When making an application for accommodation it is very important that you advise us of your needs.

Accommodation information for students with disabilities

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