The following groups of students are exempt from paying the Student Services Fee:

  • Exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the Director, Student Services — the Director may authorise a part or full refund in exceptional circumstances
  • Secondary school students studying University papers while also still at school
  • Staff members — this means a person who is employed by the University on a half-time or greater basis for 10 months or longer. If there is any dispute about meeting this definition, the Director, Human Resources will decide. If you are paying your own fees (i.e. you're not using staff study assistance) you may be exempt depending on your employment status. If you are receiving staff study assistance the refund will be automatically returned to the department. Email
  • Students enrolled for distance papers only. This exemption is automatically calculated by Student Finance
  • Students enrolled for interest only* and not eligible to sit degree examinations. This exemption is automatically calculated by Student Finance
    * Note this is a special category and does not mean the same as studying because you are interested in a particular subject

Most exemptions will be processed automatically to your fee account by Student Finance.

If you are a PhD student enquiring about Student Services Fee exemption, you should contact the Graduate Research School by emailing

Enquiries for exemptions due to exceptional circumstances and secondary school students studying University papers while still at school should be emailed to

All other students should email exemption enquiries to

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Fees Exemption Regulations

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