Campus Watch provides assistance and advice when or wherever it's needed. You'll recognise them by their distinctive uniforms of blue and gold with fluorescent vests/jackets, walking around campus and North Dunedin. The five Campus Watch teams work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Their role is essentially pastoral—acting as "walking information booths" on a range of issues, many associated with the transition from residential colleges to flatting. Their duties include manning the Safety Patrol, providing walks home, and deterring inconsiderate behaviour.

Campus Watch

Walk-home service and Safety Patrol

If you don't feel comfortable walking home alone in the dark, Campus Watch offer a walk-home service 24/7 all year round.

They also operate the Safety Patrol car from Wednesday through Saturday between 11pm and 3am, throughout the academic year.

Phone Campus Watch on 0800 479 5000 and they will radio the Safety Patrol.

The Safety Patrol is to keep people safe in North Dunedin in general, and the campus area in particular. It is not a taxi service. It is crewed by two Campus Watch staff and there is no charge.

The Safety Patrol operates in the area bounded by Duke Street, Harbour Terrace, Queen Street, and Hanover Street. This operational area may be expanded slightly on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Campus Watch Team Leader on duty—for example to the closest taxi rank or a residential college located outside the normal operating area.

Campus Watch Safety Patrol

Blue emergency phones

The blue emergency phones on the Dunedin campus consist of a two-way intercom-style phone that connects to the Campus Watch Control Room (staffed 24/7) at the push of a button. You can use these at any time of the day or night: just push the red button on the wall-mounted or free-standing tower unit.

These units also have a Wide Area Emergency Broadcast System incorporated into them. This system enables realtime or prerecorded emergency broadcasts to be transmitted from powerful speakers contained in the units. These broadcasts can be transmitted to one, all, or any combination of units throughout the Dunedin campus. During an emergency situation, a warning siren will sound followed by a voice announcement and instructions.

Flat security over semester/holiday break

If your Dunedin flat is going to be empty over the December/January period, or during the mid-semester breaks, you can register your flat with Campus Watch. They will regularly check the flat for free over the semester break. For operational reasons this service is only available in the area bounded by Duke Street, Harbour Terrace, Queen Street, and Hanover Street.

Proctor's Office—Flat Check Security form

Contact details

For all emergencies/enquiries call 0800 479 5000 or +64 3 479 5000—24/7 availability

For other general enquiries phone +64 3 479 4880 (8am–4pm)

The Proctor's Office, Campus Watch, and the Campus Cop are located in the St David Street Lecture Theatre complex. The entrance is directly from St David Street on the north side of the building (opposite the Centre for Innovation).

Proctor's Office

Campus Cop

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