It is a requirement under the New Zealand Government's Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 that all international students have appropriate travel and medical insurance for the duration of their studies.

The University of Otago recommends the Studentsafe Inbound University insurance.

Studentsafe Inbound University insurance coverage

Your Studentsafe Inbound University policy provides you with a range of benefits.

It is your responsibility as a student to understand and become familiar with your insurance policy. Make sure you read the policy wording thoroughly so you understand your coverage, any policy exclusions and when excess applies. You can find the full policy wording on the insurer’s website:


If you have any questions about your policy:

Pre-existing conditions

You are not covered for pre-existing conditions under the Studentsafe Inbound University policy. Cover can be arranged in certain circumstances. If you have a pre-existing condition or have had a medical procedure in the past, we recommend you submit a Medical Risk Assessment Form before you travel or start your programme and send it to

Insurance policy period

Your policy takes effect 31 days before classes start, so if you travel to New Zealand within this timeframe you'll be covered for your journey to New Zealand.

Your cover ends on the earliest of the following (provided you have paid the appropriate premium for your period of enrolment):

  • The date of arrival in your country of origin
  • The expiry date of your student visa
  • 150 days after the completion of your current enrolment

Using your own insurance policy

The following insurance policies have been assessed as compliant for international students at the University of Otago:

Southern Cross International Student

Orbit Protect Prime

If you choose one of these policies you will need to:

  • Organise your cover before you arrive in New Zealand
  • Ensure that it covers you for the whole period of enrolment, including travel to and from New Zealand, and
  • Email a copy of your policy certificate to at least six weeks before the semester begins

If your alternative insurance policy is not listed above you must apply to have your cover assessed at least six weeks before the semester starts. If you submit your application later than this you will be liable to pay for Studentsafe Inbound University.

Further information

Information about the policy, including cost, how and when to pay, pre-existing conditions, including family in the policy, and making a claim can be found on the University website:

International — Medical and Travel Insurance


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