Fees-free covers tuition fees and student services fees up to $12,000. The Government's contribution to the fees of those who qualify is capped at $12,000. This should be sufficient to cover the fees for all Otago first-years who qualify, including those who are enrolling for more than 120 points. The amount of support received will adjust automatically if you add, change, or delete papers.

Fees-free does not cover residential college accommodation fees or other associated accommodation costs. Fees-free also doesn't cover other types of fees, such as late enrolment fees.

Full details are provided on the Tertiary Education Commission's Fees-Free website:

Tertiary Education Commission—Fees Free

Repayment of fees for failed papers?

As long as you meet the eligibility criteria, you won't be required to pay tuition fees in your first year, even if you fail one or more papers and there is no requirement for students to pay back the fees-free amount for any papers that they have failed.

Fees-free entitlements after deleting or withdrawing from a paper/s

If you are in your first year and leave partway through the year, you will not need to pay back the fees for papers covered by fees-free. However, your future fees-free entitlement may be affected depending on whether you delete or withdraw from your papers.

The Adding, deleting, and withdrawing from papers page has more information on how your fees-free entitlements may be affected and due dates to delete or withdraw by:

Adding, deleting, and withdrawing from papers

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