Getting the workload right in your first semester is very important to a successful transition into university-level study.

In many cases, enrolling in three papers (usually 54 points) in your first semester is the best approach so you can adjust to the new ways of studying and the university experience. You should think carefully about your workload in the first year of study to help ensure academic success and a successful transition to university.

Each paper has a points value where one point generally represents 10 hours of work for an average student wishing to achieve an average grade. As a guide, based on an 18-point paper this usually works out to a minimum of 14 hours work per paper per week.

"Work" is made up of formal contact time (lectures, tutorials, laboratories, etc.) and independent study (studying, revision, assignments, reading).

There are some programmes that have a set course of papers, where you'll need to take four (or more) papers in your first semester (e.g. Health Sciences First Year, LLB First Year, Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences).

Workload recommendation for first-year students

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