The occurrence code in eVision is four characters long (e.g. DNIA) and is made up of three pieces of information:

  • Location
  • Teaching method
  • Availability

The first two characters refer to the location:

Code Location
AK Auckland
CH Christchurch
DN Dunedin
IV Invercargill
QN Queenstown
WN Wellington

The third character refers to the teaching method - E for external/distance-taught and I for internal/on-campus.

The last character indicates whether or not the paper is available:

Letter Availability
A Available, i.e. is running in that semester/year.
H Holding, i.e. is a departmental permission paper
N Not available, i.e. not running in that semester/year
S Suspended
Last updated 30/07/2020 03.26 PM

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