To find out whether or not you're eligible, go to the Fees-Free website and enter your details:

Tertiary Education Commission—Fees Free

If you are new to tertiary study and your eligibility is confirmed by the online tool, the New Zealand Government will let us know, and you won’t be charged tuition fees or student services fees in the year that you become eligible.

If the online tool indicates that your eligibility is unconfirmed, you will need to complete a statutory declaration before the University of Otago can treat you as a fees-free student. This will involve getting papers witnessed, so you may need the assistance of your family or whānau.

We encourage you to complete the assessment as soon as possible.

Fees-free support is available to part-time as well as full-time students, and part-time students will be able to carry forward the "unused" portion of their entitlement into future years (up to a limit of 1.0 EFTS or $12,000, whichever limit is reached first). There are no age requirements or restrictions to access fees-free study.

Last updated 29/10/2021 01.32 PM

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