If you studied at Otago from 1993, you can log in to eVision and publish your transcript. If your student webmail is still active, your transcript will be published to that address.You'll need to add the email address to your My eQuals account before you can view your documents.

If your student webmail is no longer active you’ll be given the opportunity to enter a personal email address (click the Change button at step 3 below).

To publish your transcript from eVision:

  1. Go to the Programmes and Papers section
  2. Click Publish your Transcript to My eQuals
  3. Click Generate

You can amend the primary address within your My eQuals portal in Profile Settings.

Emails can take up to one day to be sent from My eQuals once you've published your documents. You can also publish a statement from eVision to My eQuals.

If you're unable to access your eVision portal, you'll need to contact AskOtago for your login details. You'll need to provide information to verify your identity.

Tel +64 3 479 7000 or 0800 80 80 98
Email university@otago.ac.nz

Studied prior to 1993?

The following students won't be able to access their transcripts through My eQuals and will need to request a hard copy:

  • If you studied prior to 1977
  • If you studied at the Dunedin College of Education prior to 2007
  • If you studied in kindergarten study prior to 1974

To request a hard copy of your transcript, email university@otago.ac.nz including the student details as above. These transcripts are free-of-charge (postage/courier fees still apply), and may take 10-15 working days to process.

Last updated 13/08/2019 11.39 AM
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