You should normally graduate within 12 months of completing your qualification.

Graduation ceremonies are held over several days in May, August, and December each year. You can normally apply to graduate at a ceremony following the study period in which you completed your degree:

  • Completion at Summer School—May, August or December ceremony
  • Completion in semester 1—August, December or May ceremony
  • Completion in semester 2—December, May or August ceremony
  • Completion at Pre-Christmas Summer School—May, August, or December ceremony

Graduating on a different date

Graduation ceremonies are held for different qualifications on different days in each round. It is preferable that you graduate at the ceremony allocated to your qualification.

You can request permission to change to a different ceremony, but this is usually only granted to allow you to graduate on the same day as your parent, partner, or sibling, or where circumstances which are beyond your control will prevent you from graduating at your allocated ceremony.

If you want to change your graduation date, you must apply in writing (email to the Group Leader, Graduation, outlining your situation. Where possible you should provide supporting documentation. There is no guarantee that permission will be granted.

Graduating with multiple qualifications

If you are to receive multiple qualifications which would normally be awarded at separate ceremonies, you can only attend one ceremony and must choose which to attend as part of your graduation application.

If you will be graduating in person, all of your qualifications will be read during the ceremony, but you will only cross the stage once.

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