Please refer to this important information first—some will apply to Research Master's students:

COVID-19 information for graduate research candidates

You are required to be continuously enrolled until submission of your Master's thesis. However, personal circumstances may make it necessary for you to temporarily withdraw from Research Master’s study (a 'deferral') for a period of time. If you think you might need to do this, please discuss this with your supervisor or head of department first to find out about your options and how this will impact on your thesis.

Find out more about this on the Graduate Research School website under "Deferral (temporary suspension)":

Graduate Research School—Changes to admission details

If you and your supervisor have agreed that you can temporarily withdraw from study, you can apply through the Graduate Research tab in your eVision portal. You will need to complete a form and have it signed by your supervisor, your head of department or dean, and the pro-vice-chancellor of your division.

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If you have any questions regarding a Research Master's deferral, please email

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