If you are a domestic student, you may be entitled to have credit from your previous tertiary study granted towards your University of Otago undergraduate qualification.

To apply for credit:

  1. Log in to eVision.
  2. Click Change my details in the My Details section (current students may also apply from My exams and results).
  3. Review education details.
    • To add the details of your previous study, including your transcript, click Add another
    • To just add your transcript, select the study and click Edit selected
    • If you have already added all details, select the correct study and click Apply for credit

The Apply for credit option is only available once you have accepted an offer of place from Otago.

Since credit transferred from other institutions does not have grades attached to it, it does not contribute to your GPA calculation.

Credit may be granted as:

  • Specified credit, which recognises the relevant prior study or learning as equivalent to passes in specific courses or papers offered by Otago, or
  • Unspecified credit, which recognises prior study or learning as equivalent to a specific number of points at a specific level

It can take up to 10 working days for credit requests to be actioned. Email student-records@otago.ac.nz after that time if you haven't received a response.

Last updated 29/04/2021 11.49 AM

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