Otago Global Exchange seminars provide full information about the programme:

Exchange study plans will help you to fit an exchange programme into your degree. The Student Development team will help you to plan your Otago degree and identify papers/points you may leave to take on exchange. They may also be able to advise on the best semester/year for you to go on exchange.

To arrange a time to meet with the Student Development team:

  1. Book a time to discuss your academic plans with the Student Development Team.
  2. Under ‘I would like to discuss’, please state: Exchange.

You can also view available courses on each partner institution's page, or find partner institutions by Discipline:

Before starting your application, please see a Student Exchange Adviser about suitable destinations.

It's possible that the courses you need to take have a different name at another institution. For additional information on available courses talk to a Student Exchange Adviser first (please do not contact the host institution directly).

You are required to take a full-time course of papers (excluding dissertations, theses, etc.) while on exchange.

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