First you must decide if you really need to take the particular combination of papers that are causing the clash at this time.

  • Can the clash be avoided by taking a different combination of papers?
  • Can you take one of the papers in a different teaching period? (Some papers are offered in multiple teaching periods each year.)
  • Can you take one of the papers in a different year?

Checking for a timetable clash

You will need to amend your choice of papers yourself under Paper Selection in eVision until you've completed your declaration.

Remember that you should attend all teaching events. If you decide that you absolutely must take the paper combination that has a timetable clash, determine whether it is an Allowable or an Exceptional clash. See the Timetable clash information for students page for more information.

If you need help with your paper selection, contact a Student Development Student Adviser.

The University of Otago does not encourage timetable clashes. You need to carefully consider the effect on your workload before applying for approval for a timetable clash. Applications should only be made when the timetable clash is absolutely necessary. Should the University approve a timetable clash it is your responsibility to manage the consequences of the clash.

Last updated 22/07/2020 10.17 AM

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