If you've made amendments to your specialisation (majors or minors) or qualification at any stage of your study, the next time you enter your paper selection you will be asked to reassign your papers to your new specialisation or qualification.

This needs to be completed before you can select your papers for the year and before submitting for course approval.

To reassign your papers in eVision:

  1. Under My programmes and papers, navigate to Paper selection
  2. Select Complete this step
  3. Click on Select papers
    • If you have previously selected papers for the current year, you will need to click the blue Change papers button to return to Paper selection
  4. From the drop-down box provided, select the appropriate box. These relate to the subject requirements and additional papers boxes for your programme, which are located on the left-hand side of the page, and are indicated in bold by a number in brackets, e.g. (1)
  5. Once all papers have been reassigned, submit the changes
  6. You can then continue with Paper selection as normal

For example, if you added a minor in Chemistry to your programme and need CHEM 191 to meet the minor subject requirements, you would reassign the paper by selecting the box number from the drop-down list that matches the corresponding Chemistry minor specialisation box.

Last updated 14/06/2019 03.00 PM
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