When you select your papers in eVision, the system will automatically enforce paper selection rules, such as checking that you have completed any prerequisite papers.

If you want to select a paper that is not allowed by the paper selection rules in eVision, you will need to request Special Permission to do so.

The main reasons for requesting Special Permission are:

  • The paper is not normally available for your chosen programme
  • To take a Special Topic paper with the same paper code (but different content) as one you have already passed
  • You don’t have a prerequisite or co-requisite (or if you are a Study Abroad or inbound exchange student and you have met the prerequisite at your home institution)
  • You wish to repeat a paper that you have already passed (you will also need to enrol for this paper under a Certificate of Proficiency)

Applications for Special Permission are submitted from the Review and Submit page at the end of the paper selection process in eVision.

Process for requesting Special Permission

If all the papers you wish to take require Special Permission, continue past the main paper selection page without selecting any papers until you reach the Review and Submit page.

Special Permission is different to Departmental Permission.

Departmental Permission

Further information

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