You can apply for the Health Sciences Professional programmes between 1 August and 15 September for entry in the following year (except for the "Alternative" entry category for Medicine, which is open for applications between 1 April and 1 May for entry in the following year).

School leavers intending to study a Health Sciences Professional programme

Health Sciences First Year (HSFY) counts as the first year of study for five of the Health Sciences professional programmes. During the second semester of the HSFY programme you can apply for entry into the relevant professional programme for the following year:

Health Sciences First Year (HSFY) programme

HSFY is useful preparation, but not required, for three of the Health Sciences professional programmes:

The Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHealSc) and the Bachelor of Biomedical Science First year (BSFY) are different to the Health Sciences First Year (HSFY) programme.

Course Advice

Please seek course advice if you wish to discuss which programme is right for you:

Course advice for new and returning students

Single Programme Preference (SPP)

Single Programme Preference (SPP) is now also available for international students in the Medical Laboratory Science, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, and Radiation Therapy programmes:

Please email Health Sciences Admissions if you need to amend an already-submitted application:


Outcome of application for Health Science Professional Programme applications

The outcome of your application for the Alternative Category for Medicine is sent by 30 August 2021.

For all other categories you will be advised of the outcome of your application no later than 11pm (New Zealand Time) on 18 December 2021.

Accepting or declining offers

If offered a place, applicants will be advised on the deadline for accepting or declining the offer.

Note that the closing date to accept first round offers is 4 January 2022.

Please think carefully before making your decision; once you have declined your offer there is no opportunity to have the offer reinstated.

Waiting list

If your Outcome of Application indicates that you have been placed on the waiting list, you will be contacted should a place become available. Waiting lists are programme-specific and you may not ask to be included on any waiting list other than the one/s specified.

You can be offered a place from a waiting list right up to the time classes begin (and sometimes up until the first or second week of lectures). Therefore, you must make sure that you continue your enrolment process for any alternative programme of study you may be considering.

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