Course approvers begin processing submitted courses from mid-September in the year preceding enrolment. Each course of study is reviewed individually by a course approver. The time taken to complete course approval varies depending on a number of factors, which may include whether you:

  • Are enrolling for a single or double degree
  • Have applied for any papers requiring Special or Departmental Permission
  • Have a timetable clash
  • Intend to complete your qualification in the current year
  • Are taking any Summer School papers
  • Are required to provide any additional documentation

At certain times of year the volume of submitted courses may also play a part in the time taken for your course to be assessed.

You will be notified through eVision when your course has been approved, or if there are any changes that need to be made. Once your course has been approved, the last step in the enrolment process is to complete the course enrolment declaration that finalises your enrolment.

Course enrolment declaration

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