You can change your gender marker on University records to ‘X’, Female, or Male by providing one of the following:

  • a Statutory Declaration
  • an updated passport

A Justice of the Peace (JP) will need to sign a Statutory Declaration.

You will need to provide the original copy of the Statutory Declaration to AskOtago who will make a copy and certify (witness/notarise) it for you.

Any documentation containing a change of gender must include both your assigned gender and your correct gender. For example: “Although my birth certificate shows my gender as _____________ I request that the University record my gender as _____________”. Make sure that you include your full name and student ID number.

If you have changed your gender marker on your passport you can take it to AskOtago who will make a copy of the original document and certify it for you.

Alternatively, you can get a JP to certify a copy of either the Statutory Declaration or your updated passport, and then post the certified copy to The Manager, Student Experience. JP services are available at the University of Otago on Wednesday mornings.

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Last updated 13/11/2018 11.06 AM
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