At your graduation ceremony you will wear a:

  • Gown - there are four types of gown: a black bachelor's gown; a black master's gown; a maroon PhD gown; and a scarlet gown for other doctoral degrees
  • Hood - this hangs around your neck and down your back, over the gown; the colour of the hood lining denotes the degree
  • Cap - the cap for all masters' and bachelors' degrees is a black trencher or "mortar board". Doctoral graduands (including PhDs) wear a black velvet cap

The Academic Dress (Regalia) page has more information about the requirements and photos of regalia:

Detailed regulations for academic dress, including hood colour definitions, are set out by University statute:

You will need to attend the ceremony wearing the gown and hood and carrying the trencher. The trencher may be put on once you've been "capped" and received your degree.

If you're receiving two degrees, you can choose which hood to wear at the ceremony, though you may wish to hire the second hood for photographic purposes.

If you're receiving a diploma and do not hold a degree you need only a black bachelor's gown, which is worn without hood or trencher.

Regalia for different degrees or qualifications should not be mixed (e.g. a bachelor's hood should not be worn with a master's gown, and a university hood should not be worn with the gown of any other institution).

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