Summer School 8 January to 16 February (end of lectures)
Standard courses for first semester, second semester, and full year
  • First semester: 23 February to 20 June (from preliminary lectures to end of exams)
  • Second semester: 9 July to 10 November (from start of lectures to end of exams)
  • Full year: 23 February to 10 November (from first semester preliminary lectures to end of second semester exams)
Students continuing a thesis
  • First semester (T1): 1 January to 18 May
  • Second semester (T2): 1 July to 16 November
  • Full year (TY): 1 January to 28 December

StudyLink payments stop at the end dates given above, even though thesis students enrolled for a single semester have until 30 June or 23 December to submit their thesis.

A student enrolled in a thesis for one semester only has a course period set at 20 weeks as this is the maximum full-time course length for a 0.5 EFT enrolment.

It is not possible to change the dates that are provided to StudyLink, except in the case of changing from part-year to full-year enrolment via the Change of Course process; however, students may apply to StudyLink for an extension of payments beyond these dates under certain circumstances. These forms need to be signed by the student's supervisor and the Head of Department. (This applies to both Masters and Doctoral students.)

Students commencing a thesis Students commencing their thesis in the current academic year can advise their personal thesis start date (rather than the standard course start date) to StudyLink.
Students re-commencing a thesis Students who are returning after a temporary withdrawal/deferral of thesis must still advise StudyLink of the applicable standard course dates for the Verification of Study process plus also inform StudyLink of the period they have postponed their study.
Courses with non-standard dates

Information for papers with non-standard dates can be found on the individual paper pages.

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