Unendorsed Diploma for Graduates (DipGrad)

If you've done extra papers during your degree and want to use them, you can build on them to earn a DipGrad. All you need are seven papers of which at least four are at 300-level. The papers may be from several different subjects, so an unendorsed DipGrad is flexible and perfect for people who have broad interests.

Endorsed Diploma for Graduates (DipGrad)

This is more specialised, and the focus of your papers is on a specific subject as if you were acquiring an extra major. You need to do at least three of your 300-level papers in the endorsement subject, but this is an absolute minimum and more is usually expected.

Whatever your chosen subject is, it is crucial that you get the approval of the department teaching the subject, and it is possible that they may require more than seven papers in total, or more than four 300-level papers in their subject. If endorsement is approved, the diploma you receive will mention the name of the subject so that people are aware that your course was equivalent to majoring in that subject.

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