If you are a new or recommencing student applying to a general degree programme who cannot immediately be placed on the Preferential Entry pathway, you will be placed on the Competitive Entry pathway.

In many cases, placement on the Competitive Entry pathway will be temporary, and you will be switched to the Preferential Entry pathway when we receive further information (e.g. NCEA results, notification from the Accommodation Office that you have accepted a place in a residential college, etc.) It is expected that the majority of students will ultimately meet the criteria for Preferential Entry.

If you do not meet the criteria to transfer to the Preferential Entry pathway, you will remain on the Competitive Entry pathway and will be competing against other applicants. Applicants will be ranked primarily according to academic performance, and places will be offered if there are places available.

Your admission is also subject to you meeting university entrance, minimum age, and language requirements.

The Entry Pathway system does not apply to international students.

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Last updated 23/05/2018 03.17 PM
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