If you are taking one of the ExamSoft digital examinations, your exam has built-in invigilation software.

ExamSoft digital exam software


If you are taking your exam via Blackboard or Moodle, you will be reminded of the University’s academic integrity expectations prior to commencing your online exam. By continuing with your exam you indicate that you have read and agreed to abide by the expectations outlined in the Academic Integrity notice below.

If your exam has a downloadable essay component, you will need to upload it into Blackboard through Turnitin, the plagiarism detection programme.


If you are sitting your online exam in an on-campus exam space, the room will be supervised by a staff member, however they are not there to invigilate your exam.

On-campus exam space provided for digital exams

Academic Integrity notice

The purpose of this notice is to ensure you understand academic integrity expectations in relation to online tests and examinations.

The following actions are not permitted when sitting online tests or examinations:

  • Accessing or viewing unauthorised materials (e.g. course notes, textbooks, personal notes, information on the internet)*
  • Using any unauthorised device or computer application (e.g. calculators, mobile phones, computer programs)*
  • Communicating with any other person (except to report technical difficulties to a University staff member or representative)
  • Having someone else complete any part of the assessment for you
  • Copying pre-prepared text as answers
  • Exceeding the specified time limit for the assessment

* Please note that use of some materials and devices may be approved for particular assessments and these restrictions only apply to unauthorised use.

The University may use plagiarism detection software and other technologies to ensure adherence with assessment rules.

Failure to follow assessment rules is subject to penalty under the University’s Academic Statute and Student Academic Misconduct Procedures. Such penalties may include a zero mark for the assessment; disqualification from the paper; cancellation of other passes achieved in the semester; or exclusion from the University.

By completing this assessment, you are taken to have read and understood this notice.

If you have any questions about the invigilation of digital exams, contact AskOtago:

Tel +64 3 479 7000 or 0800 80 80 98
Enquiry form
Email university@otago.ac.nz
Chat with an AskOtago Service Representative

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