You may receive the following warning message from Examplify saying that your screen resolution is below the requirement:

Screenshot showing the display settings window with the size of text, apps etc. as 150% and the Examplify Recommended System Requirements for screen resolution warning

If you know that your screen resolution should meet or exceed the requirement, you will need to turn your display resolution to 100%:

  1. Right-click anywhere on your desktop and select Display Settings from the menu options.
  2. Scroll down to Scale and Layout and change the size of text, apps, and other items to 100% (the screen may appear smaller or larger depending on the previous setting).
  3. Relaunch Examplify.

You can revert back to your old layout size after the exam if you prefer it.

If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact AskOtago immediately for further assistance:

Freephone 0800 80 80 98 (within New Zealand)
Tel +64 3 479 7000
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Further information

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