You may find that that images displayed in the Examplify app (for example, in a "hot spot" style question) are too small to be readable. You may also find that the text is blurry and "pixelated". This problem is usually due to a display setting mismatch between the display settings on your computer and Examplify. 

To fix the problem:

  1. Right-click anywhere on your desktop and select Display Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Scale and Layout and change the size of text, apps, and other items to 100% (the screen may appear smaller or larger depending on the previous setting).
  3. Restart your computer from either the Start menu or by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del at the same time and Restart through the power options.
  4. Once logged in, right-click the desktop again and select Display Settings.
  5. Select an appropriate resolution for the new display percentage that best fits your preferences.
  6. Launch Examplify.

If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact AskOtago immediately for further assistance:

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