If you require alternative arrangements for your final examinations due to a disability, impairment, medical condition, or injury, you will need to make an application in eVision. Please see the Disability Information and Support website for more information:

Alternative arrangements for examinations and tests

You will need to provide documentation from a relevant health professional or specialist which clearly states the arrangements required and indicates why support is necessary (unless current and relevant documentation is already held by Disability Information and Support Services).

If the paper/s you want to apply for is not selectable in eVision, you need to contact Disability Information and Support: disabilities@otago.ac.nz at least 10 days prior to the exam date. Please provide in the email:

  • Paper code
  • Examination date
  • Examination start and finish times
  • Course co-ordinator’s name
  • The arrangements you are applying for

Applying for alternative arrangements for tests and internal examinations

You will first need to contact the departments you are studying in to find out the details of your tests and internal examinations, then complete an application:

Application to receive Alternative Arrangements for Tests and Internal Examinations (PDF 143KB) 

Please ensure that you return your application to Disability Information & Support at least 10 days prior to your test or internal examination.

Last updated 26/08/2020 02.20 PM

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