Exams will become available in Examplify once they have been "posted" (prepared and made available in Examplify). If you are taking BIOC192, HUBS192, POPH192, ACCT222, ACCT306, ACCT307, ACCT310, ACCT406, ACTP312, ACTP412, BLAW212, LAWS101, TOUR102, TOUR218, TOUR301, TOUR303, COMP111, ANTH322 or MICR332 in semester 2, 2020, you will receive an email notification from the Examinations team via the email address exambot@examsoft.com advising that your exam is ready for download in Examplify 96 hours (4 days) prior to your scheduled exam date as displayed in your eVision portal.

Your exam will be available for download 96 hours before your exam, but you must download it at least 24 hours before your exam starts or the exam file will no longer be available.

You will not be able to start your exam or see the questions until you receive a password. The password will be sent to your student email account five minutes before your exam is due to start.

If you are taking one of the above papers, have not received an email notification to download your exam, and you are within the download period noted above:

  • Check the Spam/Junk folder in your email client to see if the email has been automatically transferred there.
  • Open the Examplify app to see if your exam is there. Click Refresh Exam List if you do not see your paper/s in the Ready for Download section.

    Ready for Download in Examplify

Downloading your exam

  1. To ensure your internet connection is not interrupted or slowed, ask other people in your household not to watch streaming services or download large files while you are downloading your exam.
  2. Open the Examplify app to check that it doesn't need to be updated.
  3. Double-click the Examplify icon on your Windows desktop or single-click the icon from the Applications folder or Dock on a Mac, then the Examplify dashboard/homepage should appear.
  4. Select an exam from the list in the left-hand pane and click the Download Exam button. This downloads the exam file to your computer. Note that you must have an active internet connection in order to download.
  5. The download progress will begin. When the download is completed, the exam will be listed in the Downloaded section.

    Downloaded Exam in Examplify

  6. If you still do not see the exam file, try restarting your machine, going back into Examplify, and refreshing the exam list again.

If you are still unable to to download your examination, please contact AskOtago for assistance:

Tel +64 3 479 7000 or 0800 80 80 98
Enquiry form
Email university@otago.ac.nz
Chat with an AskOtago Service Representative

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