If you are sitting an exam in the "ExamSoft" digital format, you will need to use the "Examplify" app which is free to download:

How to download ExamSoft's app Examplify

University staff will use ExamSoft cloud-based software for creating and delivering your digital exam.

Why is the University using ExamSoft?

  • ExamSoft is specifically designed for mid-to-high stakes assessments. Most of ExamSoft’s clients use the software to complement their Learning Management Systems.
  • Exams are sat off-line – downloaded, completed offline, then uploaded – which eliminates the major risks of:
    • Internet connection problems during a 1- to 3- hour exam
    • Hacking
    • Students accidentally exiting the exam
  • A photo is taken of you before you sit your exam - during a mandatory no-stakes Preparation Exam that lets you practise using the software - and during your real exam/s to verify your identity
  • You can be remotely invigilated (supervised) while sitting your exam via your web camera and microphone
  • Your access to the internet, along with your access to files and apps on your computer, will be blocked while you are sitting your exam/s

ExamSoft and Examplify often call invigilation "proctoring" or refer to "the proctor" rather than the invigilator.

Further information

Otago blog: ExamSoft Digital Exams

Last updated 26/05/2020 10.20 AM

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