The key study dates for the 2021 academic calendar are as follows:

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Summer School

11 January Summer School lectures begin
6 February Waitangi Day 
8 February Waitangi Day (observed)
19 February Summer School lectures cease
20 February Summer School examination period begins
25 February Summer School examination period ends

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First semester

26 February Preliminary lectures held
1 March Formal lectures begin
2 April Mid-semester break begins/Good Friday (public holiday)
5 April Easter Monday (public holiday)
6 April Otago Anniversary Day observed (Dunedin)
10 April First semester resumes
25 April ANZAC Day
26 April ANZAC Day observed
4 June First semester lectures cease
7 June Queen's Birthday (public holiday)
9 June First semester examination period begins
23 June First semester examination period ends

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Second semester

12 July Second semester lectures begin
30 August Mid-semester break begins
6 September Second semester resumes
15 October Second semester lectures cease
20 October Second semester examination period begins
25 October Labour Day (public holiday)
13 November Second semester examination period ends

The study dates for some courses offered by the College of Education or the Division of Health Sciences may differ from those listed above. Please contact the applicable academic department for further information.

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