Below is a key to the definition of what each status means in your list of purchasing requests:

Status Example
Asset to Register Has been ordered/receipted needs to Asset Register once required data has been provided by end user
Awaiting Approval Requisition is with Endorser/Approver
Awaiting Invoice Purchase Order has been submitted to end user/supplier, waiting for delivery/invoice
Awaiting Response End User has been asked to provide information
Closed All goods/services provided and finalised Purchase Order is at $0
Pending Internal process to be completed
Standing Order Purchase order will be ongoing for a period, weekly/monthly/quarterly. Or open ended for ongoing services that vary
To Cancel Purchase Order raised and with Orbit or Vodafone. Invoice will come on monthly consolidated statement
Updated End user has provided additional information
Waiting How a request comes in before status is changed as above

You can also email the Purchasing team in Supply Chain at if you need any assistance or have further questions about your requests.

Last updated 09/04/2020 04.45 PM

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