The Shaping Our Culture, Together project was officially launched on 4 June and is an opportunity for all University staff to be involved in choosing the values and culture we want to demonstrate and experience in our workplace.

The project has been set up by the Vice-Chancellor’s Advisory Group who want to ensure that the University of Otago is a place that is welcoming and supportive for all members of our community. How we treat each other at work reflects on us and contributes to the quality of what we achieve in our teaching, research and support services.

The project includes:

  • A survey of all staff and students starting in June.
  • Staff workshops in September where professional and academic staff will come together to share experiences, listen to each other and create ideas of the values they share – all staff members are encouraged to attend.
  • Small workshops in September for students to share their experiences and the culture they would like to see within the University of Otago community.
  • The creation of learning and development activities, and improvement programmes that translate those agreed values into actions and policy.

The Shaping Our Culture, Together page has more information, and includes links to the survey and registration forms:

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