The University of Otago offers guest printing (including copying and scanning) via PIN code access. It is similar to student printing with three steps:

  1. Top up your guest account.
  2. Send your print job to the print system.
  3. Print out your physical document from any student printer (Uniprintstation) on campus.

Another option for guest printing is the Uniprint Shop, a public printshop that also provides printing services:

Uniprint Shop

Guest printing cards

You can pick up a guest printing card from Uniprint or Student IT Services. Your card will have a unique PIN that you can use to load credit and log in to the printers.

You can top up your card at any of the top-up kiosks on campus, or in person at Uniprint. Just enter your PIN at the kiosk to log in, then load the amount you want to add as credit on the card.

Adding printing funds

Sending a document

Sending a document to the printer from a personal laptop

You can send a document by printing using an mPrint print driver. Once this is downloaded and installed, print to the mPrint printer from any print menu, and then log in to the printer with your PIN to release your print job.

Printing from your own computer using mPrint

Logging into a printer (and printing a document)

Log in to any student printer on campus by choosing PIN code at the bottom right of the touchscreen and using your account PIN. Now you can print out any jobs you have sent to the print queue, plus you can use the printer to scan or copy.

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