Towards the end of your application process with StudyLink, they will ask the University of Otago for confirmation of your enrolment. Your enrolment details can only be confirmed once you've completed the course enrolment declaration. A Verification of Study (VoS) is used by the University's Revenue Management team for returning information to StudyLink, to enable you to get a loan.

You also need to have a signed contract with StudyLink where you've authorised the payment of your tuition fees directly to the University.

If you are not paying your fees by student loan, your fees will need to be paid in full.

Course enrolment declaration

If StudyLink have not received confirmation of your enrolment after 5 business days of completing your Course Enrolment Declaration, contact AskOtago for assistance.

Tel +64 3 479 7000 or 0800 80 80 98

Last updated 22/07/2021 09.46 AM

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