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If you have a deferral, or are planning to defer for some part of a calendar year, you will still need to start re-enrolment before 1 December.

This also applies if you will only need a second semester enrolment. An approved deferral from 1 January to 31 December on your record means you do not need to re-enrol for study in the re-enrolment year.

Requests for deferral are made through eVision:

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Shortening deferral

If you need to shorten your deferral, email (copy in your primary supervisor) with your name, student ID and the reason for the change in deferral dates. Note that the deferral can only be shortened to a minimum of one month.  It also may mean you will need to enrol in a previous semester and you will incur fees for this.

Further information

Re-enrolment for returning doctoral candidates

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