TextHelp Read&Write is a literacy support software application which includes:

  • the function to scan a document into Word or other formats
  • text-to-speech technology to read any document aloud
  • ability to save a spoken document to an MP3 sound file
  • spell-checking, text highlighting, and other support features

Where to find TextHelp Read&Write

TextHelp Read&Write can be found on the Student Desktop as follows:

  1. Click the Start icon at the bottom left of the screen
  2. In the Search box type TextHelp, or
    Go to All Programs > General Software > Accessories > TextHelp

Using TextHelp Read&Write

The TextHelp Read and Write Tutorial tip sheet covers the basics of the application:

There are also video tours on all aspects of using Read&Write within the application.

Last updated 07/08/2019 12.09 PM
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