Due to large student numbers, some lab and lecture streams for Health Science First Year (HSFY) papers (CELS191, CHEM191, PHSI191 and HUBS191) can be very full. This will vary by paper and type of stream, but in some cases the space constraints require us to restrict timetable changes to the students most in need.

Some information about lecture and lab streams is on the Health Sciences First Year website:


Under what circumstances can I obtain a permanent streaming change?

You can apply for a permanent streaming change if the reason you cannot make your lecture or lab stream is due to significant events that are outside your control and will last for all or most of Semester 1. If you have childcare obligations, paid employment, or will be/have been medically incapacitated then you can apply for a permanent streaming change. If you belong to a social club which meets on the same evening as your lab, you will not be able to apply for a permanent streaming change at this time. In addition to demonstrating that you need a streaming change you will need to demonstrate that your reason applies for the whole semester.

Some examples of acceptable reasons for permanent lab streaming change are:

  • Timetable clash
  • Medical issues
  • Paid work
  • Parenting/care obligations
  • National or regional-level representative sports

If your situation does not correspond to an example listed here but you still feel that you qualify for a streaming change, you can ask. Each application for a streaming change will be judged on its own merit. Any documentation you have to support your case will be helpful.

Applying for a permanent streaming change - where and when can I apply?

Permanent: You can apply at the location and times given below. You will be asked to fill out a Streaming Change Application Form (see link below) for each paper you have a timetable issue with, and staff will determine if your request can be granted and help you get the changes completed in eVision.

Location: South Lab, Physics Department Ground Floor (opposite the entrance to the Science Library).

Times: Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 March, 11am – 2pm

As class numbers are still slightly uncertain during the first few weeks, priority will be given to the more needy cases. If you are turned down at this time, there may be an opportunity to re-apply for a change after class numbers have stabilised.

From Thursday 4 March you will need to go to the offices of each paper (see map on the Streaming Changes PDF below for locations):

  • CELS and CHEM: ground floor of the Mellor Laboratories
  • HUBS: HUBS office on the ground floor of the Microbiology building
  • PHSI: first floor of the Physics department, Science 3

Temporary: one-off changes can be made by the staff for the individual papers:

  • PHSI191: go to the Physics department reception on the first floor of Science 3
  • CELS191: go to the CELS191 office on the ground floor of Mellor Laboratory Building
  • HUBS191: go to the HUBS office on the ground floor of the Microbiology department
  • CHEM191: go to the CHEM191 office on the ground floor of the Mellor Laboratory Building

What kind of evidence do I need to produce?

It will depend on your reasons for obtaining a streaming change. Any documentation you provide should be produced by a third party that is involved with the reason for your streaming change (i.e. an employer or doctor) and clearly state the times and dates that you cannot attend lectures or labs. The documentation should also include contact details.

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