Sophos PureMessage is the anti-spam software used by the University of Otago. Sophos PureMessage scans email to protect against viruses, and quarantines any messages and attachments it considers suspect.

You can release an email message from Sophos PureMessage in three ways:

  1. Reply to the daily digest message that lists the email you want and delete all the lines/emails you don’t want. Within half an hour you will receive your message in your inbox
  2. Click on the message ID to generate a suitable request email (this may not work in some email programs)
  3. Go to the University of Otago Sophos PureMessage website where you can gain access to your personal quarantine. Log in with your email account and the generated password (registration details are on the website). This will give you a list of what is in your own personal quarantine and you can release any emails you want

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Last updated 06/12/2018 04.11 PM
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