The way you submit your (softbound) doctoral thesis for examination has recently changed. Student Experience now have an appointment booking system to provide you with better support when submitting your thesis at the St David II building. By letting them know in advance (even if only half an hour's notice), they can do some background checks to make the most of the ceremony surrounding your submission. This is a really important milestone and Student Experience want to give it the sense of occasion it deserves.

Email with your name, student ID number, date and time you wish to submit. Appointments are available between 1-3pm Monday to Friday, but if you need a time outside of this, just ask and Student Experience will make every attempt to accommodate you. They can then either confirm the booking with an Outlook email invitation, or you may be asked to complete/verify additional information before completing the booking.

You don't need to email more than 2 weeks in advance of your planned submission date, but you can also book on the day, allowing at least half an hour's notice for a response to your booking request.

If you arrive at St David II to submit but have forgotten to book an appointment, Student Experience can still receive your submission, however they will need 10-15 minutes to complete their checks.

Please note that this only relates to the submission for examination ("softbounds"), not the final submission after examination and the oral defence ("hardbounds").

Last updated 16/11/2018 03.55 PM
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