In most cases, students who enrolled for less than 1 EFTS (120 points) of fees-free study in 2020 will have some remaining fees-free entitlement in 2021. This remaining entitlement is called "carryover".

For example, if you enrolled for 0.9 EFTS of fees-free study in 2020 you will generally have 0.1 EFTS of carryover in 2021.

The Government will tell us how much of your fees will be covered by carryover once you have completed enrolment for 2021. If you intend to pay for the rest of your 2021 fees via student loan, we encourage you to apply to StudyLink as soon as possible.

Further information about carryover is available on the Fees-free website:

Fees-free carryover

If you are unsure how much of your fees-free entitlement you have used, contact the Fees-Free helpdesk: 0800 687 775.

Last updated 10/11/2021 12.28 PM

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