When multiple people edit the same file at the same time in a shared folder, Syncplicity Sync & Share can detect this and will download all the conflicting versions to your computer/device to let you (as the owner of the file) choose which one to keep.

The file that you edited on your computer/device will remain unchanged in its current form. All the conflicting versions will appear with the same name, but with some extra information so you can tell them apart:

  • The name of who edited the file
  • The name of the computer/device, and
  • When it was edited

For example: Resume (edited by John Doe on Home PC @ 5-12-08 2-15-00 PM).doc

You will need to compare the versions and merge edits as necessary before deleting the extra versions of the file.

Last updated 28/04/2020 11.58 AM

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