SyncDrive is a feature of the Syncplicity desktop client that allows you to access your Syncplicity Sync & Share content without having to download your files to your desktop.

ITS recommend that you avoid using SyncDrive if possible, particularly if you share your folders. It can cause a number of issues, for example:

  • When you convert a folder to a SyncDrive it is converted for all the people you have shared it with.
  • Changing a folder to a SyncDrive can cause unsynced changes to be lost.
  • Depending on each user’s policy the folder might be removed from the participant or may be left behind, potentially causing confusion and unsynchronised changes.
  • If your shared folder participants have a client that doesn’t support SyncDrive or have disabled SyncDrive, the folder won’t be available to them.


You can disable the installation of SyncDrive when you download a new version of the Syncplicity Sync & Share desktop client.

  1. Download the Syncplicity client for Windows
  2. Search Windows for “Run” to get a command line window
  3. Type “<file path>\Syncplicity_Setup.exe SYNCPDRIVE=0”

This will run the installation of the Syncplicity client without installing SyncDrive.


SyncDrive can’t be disabled when installing the Syncplicity client on a Mac. Syncplicity suggest installing an older Mac client with no SyncDrive feature, for example Syncplicity

Last updated 15/04/2020 03.02 PM

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